Tree Leaves – Mulching

Q: I would be very appreciative if you could answer a simple question. Is it beneficial or detrimental to the lawn if one mulches the tree leaves and lets the shreddings lay on the grass? My wife admonishes me every time I do this.

A: Funny – I got the same question on radio from a lady recently. Was it your wife, looking to bolster her argument?

In any case, my reply is simple: if the shredded leaves do not mat on top of the lawn grass, it is fine to leave them on the lawn. If great clumps of them remain after you mow, they have to be raked out or mowed again to make the pieces small enough to sift down between existing grass blades.

My experience is that dry leaves can easily be shredded and left on a lawn if you mow regularly. Wet leaves make a hopeless mess and have to be raked.

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