Trees for Memorials – Recommendations

Q: Some friends from church would like to plant a tree in remembrance of our son Adam who was killed in a car crash. I would like an unusual tree that was showy three seasons of the year and maybe grew to be a large tree.

Adam was always looking for fun and loved to really dress up for the occasion, weather it was Army camouflage or a tux. Adam was 6’5′ so a little, petite tree would not work. We will plant it at the church so size won’t matter

A: How about a tree for 4 seasons? I really think ‘Natchez’ crape myrtle fills that bill. It gets twenty feet tall, has white flowers all summer, good fall leaf color and cinnamon colored bark in winter.

I could also recommend the bouganvilla goldenrain tree (Koelruteria bipinnata) which has yellow flowers in June, followed by pink seed pods in August.

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