Watering From A Well – Restrictions

Q: I heard you say on your radio show that private wells are an exception from the watering restrictions. However, I received a newsletter from the City of Roswell that says just the opposite. Which is of you is right?

A: I believe they are wrong. The FAQ at UGA’s College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences says:
“The EPD cannot and does not regulate water use from a private well or other privately owned sources. However, EPD officials generally ask that those who rely on a private well as their water source abide by the schedules to conserve water.”

The EPD rules say:
391-3-30-.02 Applicability of Rule
“These rules apply to any entity, and its customers, permitted by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) for water withdrawal or for operation of a drinking water system.”

If your well is not required to be permitted, the rules do not apply to you, but I’d post a big sign saying “Well water used here.”

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