Will Roundup Affect My Liriope?

Q: I have recently planted six hundred liriope plants for groundcover. Some unwanted grasses, mimosa, and other weeds have sprouted in my planting. Can I spray Roundup on the unwanted plants or will that affect the liriope? 

A: I can tell you from experience that there is always a little bit of drift or unintended fog when you spray glyphosate (Roundup). It will unintentionally kill nearby plants. After all that work, I don’t want you to hurt the liriope. You can make a guard for your sprayer wand by cutting the bottom out of a gallon milk jug and taping the neck to the end of your wand. All you have to do is position the milk jug tightly onto each individual weed and give it a short squirt of weed killer. No drift: no harm.

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