Willow Tree – Giant Aphids

Q: I am a Barrow county resident and I have a giant Willow tree in my yard that is starting to look “sick.” Now maybe it is because fall is approaching, but maybe not. When going out to inspect it I found an interesting bug clumping to the base of some branches. Well, after a little research I found out that they are giant willow aphids.

Now, I don’t want to lose this tree and I am assuming if not treated it will eventually be taken over. How can I treat the tree to rid it of the aphids? The colony according to my eyes seems huge, they scatter the tree on a many branches, and when they attack a branch it becomes peely and sucked dry. No leaves grow, and the branch is dead. Help!

A: I’d use one of the garden insecticides containing esfenvalerate, bifenthrin or permethrin.


Giant Willow Aphids

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