Best Time To Spray Weeds On Bermuda

Bermuda herbicide

Q: I have been told that to get rid of dallisgrass in a bermuda lawn I can spray with glyphosate once the bermuda is dormant but while the dallisgrass is still growing. When would be the best time to spray it? 

A: Bermuda rarely goes dormant enough to spray herbicide on the weed without harming your lawn grass. My recommendation is to make a spray shield and use it to spray the dallisgrass whenever it is green. Make a spray shield by cutting the bottom out of a two-liter drink bottle and taping the nozzle of your sprayer inside the neck. If you use this in April when bermuda is beginning to grow rapidly you’ll have lots of yellow dots in your lawn but the bermuda will quickly grow into them. This process can be repeated a couple more times in summer before your bermuda slows down in August. Be sure to manage your lawn optimally: fertilizer, water, mowing height, etc.

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