Weeds – Identification with Pictures

common chickweed

wild violet

Weed control in the landscape is a tough business. You have to know a lot about the weed in question just to get started!

As in most situations, a picture is worth a thousand words. Go through the sites below, identify your weed, then choose your method of weed control.

Remember: healthy, vigorous lawn grass is the best weed deterrent. And you always have the option of simply digging up the weed in question. 

Broadleaf weed killers (click for sources)

Pre-emergent weed preventers (click for sources)

Always read and follow the label.

You might find my Pinterest “Weed Identification and Control”page helpful. (you’ll have to register for a free account there)

Scroll to the bottom of this page for pictures of some common Georgia weeds.

Websites with Weed Pictures

This site from Texas is GREAT!

This collection from the University of Tennessee is EXCELLENT!

This site from The University of Arkansas is one of my favorites.

The University of Minnesota has a nifty identification feature: Is This Plant a Weed?

The University of California has great drawings of plant parts that are easy to understand: Weed Photo Gallery

The University of Missouri lists lots of weeds and features nifty close-up pictures of the weed leaves, which really help.

The Virginia Tech Weed Index has lots of pictures, but you have to know the common name of the weeds before it will show them to you.

Now that you’ve identified the weed, how do you control it?


Click here for      Weed Control Basics

Further resources: Books

I  prefer “Weeds of Southern Turfgrasses“, a great book of color pictures and descriptions of the 190 most common weeds of the region. With it in hand, you can wander down any sidewalk in town and identify most weeds by sight!

Weeds of the South by Charles Bryson and Michael DeFelice

Weeds of the Northern U.S. and Canada: A Guide for Identification
by France Royer and Richard Dickinson

Color Atlas of Turfgrass Weeds
(Ann Arbor Press)

Once you know exactly what weed you have, control gets so much simpler!

hairy bittercress



annual bluegrass






wild lettuce (lt) versus dandelion (rt)

wild lettuce (lt) versus dandelion (rt)

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