Bahia (Bahiagrass) – Control

Q: I have bahiagrass, which I hate, in my yard. Do you have any long term solutions/suggestions for getting rid of it?

A: Bahiagrass is sometimes used as a turfgrass or forage but it is usually viewed as a weed in the Atlanta area. You can identify the grass by its two ascending seedheads, which make a distinct “V” shape.

This grassy weed has reddish-purple stems that creep along the ground and root wherever they are able. When it has rooted, it sends up tall leaves and seed stems. Wind and water scatter the seeds throughout your lawn. Since bahiagrass grows like most lawn grasses, it is difficult to kill it without hurting the turf you want to preserve. It is a perennial, arising from the crown each spring.

Controlling bahiagrass with selective weed killers is difficult. MSMA and CAMA (crabgrass killer herbicides) are labeled for use on bermudagrass, fescue and zoysiagrass. Repeated sprays over several years will be necessary to eliminate your bahiagrass population.

Metsulfuron (Manor) does a great job but is available only to professionals. A vigorous stand of zoysiagrass may be your best ally in this fight.

The only homeowner products labeled for bahiagrass control in centipedegrass lawns are sethoxydim (Vantage) and imazaquin (Image).

Be sure to apply a grassy weed pre-emergent herbicide each spring in March to keep seeds from germinating.

V-shaped seedhead of bahiagrass

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