Pampas Grass Is Dead In The Center

Q: I have some pampas grass which is dead in the center. Does cleaning it out
promote additional growth there? 

A: This is a common problem with pampas grass. It is almost unavoidable but
proper pruning can help you deter it. You should cut a clump of pampas grass
back to twelve inches tall in January or February. DO NOT burn it. Use a
gloved hand to rake out all of the dead material in the center of the clump.
Failure to cut it low enough and to get all of the dead material out of the center
is what causes a clump to die in the middle. If your pampas grass already has
this problem, it’s almost impossible to get it to sprout in the middle. Your best
course of action is to dig up the whole clump, divide it into quarters and
replant one quarter in the spot. Use the remaining three grass clumps in other
spots or give them away.

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