UGA Flower, Tree and Shrub Publications

The following publications about ornamentals are available online from the University of Georgia.

Landscape Plants for Georgia

Flowering Annuals For Georgia Gardens

Flowering Bulbs for Georgia Gardens

Flowering Perennialsfor Georgia Gardens

Native Plants for Georgia Part I: Trees, Shrubs and Woody Vines

Native Plants for Georgia Part II: Ferns

Selecting and Growing Azaleas

Shade and Street Tree Care

Soil Preparation and Planting Procedures for Ornamental Plants in the Landscape

Beyond Butterflies: Gardening for Native Pollinators

Plant Trees Right

Native Plants of North Georgia: A Photo Guide for Plant Enthusiasts

New Trees and Shrubs for Georgia

Camellia Culture for Home Gardeners

Care of Ornamental Plants in the Landscape

Growing Bigleaf Hydrangea

Growing Ferns

Pampas Grass


Pruning Woody Plants

Pruning Ornamental Plants in the Landscape

Rose Culture for Georgia Gardeners

Roses in Georgia: Selecting and Growing Techniques

Liriope Culture in Georgia

Starting a Greenhouse Business

Success with Pansies in the Winter Landscape: A Guide for Landscape Professionals

Tree Planting Details

Tropical Plants Offer New Possibilities for Georgia Gardens

New Trial Tropical Container Gardens

Hobby Greenhouses

Hollies for Georgia Homeowners

Growing Southern Magnolia

Growing Hostas

Growing Indoor Plants with Success

 Attracting Birds

Butterfly Gardening


Great Plants under 20 feet for Small Spaces

Greenhouses: Heating, Cooling and Ventilation

Growing African Violets

Growing Bamboo in Georgia

Growing Caladiums at Home


Daylily Culture

Deer-Tolerant Ornamental Plants

Fast Growing Shade Trees

Gardening in Containers

Gardening in Containers Using Tropical Plants

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