Blueberry Bush – Mostly Canes From 3-Inch Base

Canes Sever Cut

Q: Last year I was forced to drastically cut down my two blueberry bushes. Now they are mostly vertical canes growing from the three-inch-high base. What do I do to bring them back to productive life?

A: Big blueberry growers sometimes find they have a large plot covered with old, unproductive eight-foot-tall bushes. They then simply hitch a big mower to their tractor, cut the blueberry bushes down to four inches high, and let them recover with new growth. Your situation is like theirs but on a smaller scale. I would remove all but four of the new canes on each bush then cut those that are left at heights that vary from twelve to twenty-four inches high. BluebThis will give you a nice bushy blueberry to pick from.

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