Bucket Gardening – Vegetables

Q: Can you tell me about bucket gardening? I have many five gallon buckets and want to raise vegetables in buckets. What type of soil should I use?

A: Gardening in five-gallon buckets is a great way to raise vegetables in a small space. After you accumulate the buckets, drill 5 one-inch holes in the bottom and 5 one-inch holes around the circumference of the bucket just above the bottom. These 10 holes increase drainage, which is critical in containers of this size. Fill the buckets with professional potting soil that has fertilizer pre-mixed in it. You can fit 5 lettuce plants, 2 broccoli, 2 peppers or 1 tomato per bucket. Once the plants are well-started in spring, begin fertilizing once every couple of weeks with houseplant fertilizer, following label directions. The great thing about buckets is you can move them around so they get the most light in your landscape.

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