Hazlenut, Pistachio – Growing

Q: I would like to plant a couple of hazelnut trees. Do you know if I can get them locally
Q: Can I grow pistachio trees in this part of Georgia?

A: With the many acres of pecans growing in Georgia, it’s natural to think that other nuts could prosper here. Unfortunately, neither pistachio nor hazelnut grow here very well. As you might suspect, our summer heat and humidity are the limiting factors for both.

My colleague Dr. Mark Rieger is a Professor of Horticulture at the University of Georgia, where he teaches courses on fruit and nut production. He mentions that although hazelnuts don’t grow very well in Georgia, American filbert (Corylus americana) is a reasonable facsimile. If local nurseries can’t order the uncommon nut trees for you, try Stark Brothers Nursery or Edible Landscaping.

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