Heirloom Tomatoes – Sources

Georgia regulations make it tough for growers outside the state to ship live tomato plants into our state.

You can grow tomatoes from seed, but many gardeners don’t want to go through the hassle of planning and caretaking.

Fortunately, there are several sources of heirloom tomatoes in the metro Atlanta area.

Following is a list of those who have contacted me:

The Tasteful Garden grows over 45 varieties of culinary herbs and over 45 types of heirloom and hybrid tomatoes as well as other gourmet vegetable and pepper varieties.

Pike Nursery will be selling several heirloom tomatoes plus heirloom varieties grafted onto disease-resistant roots.

Scottsdale Farms Nursery sells new compact heirloom tomatoes especially bred for them by Bill Yoder. They are excellent for containers or small spaces.

Daryl Pulis reports: ” I have several hundred tomato plants for sale, mostly heirlooms, for the benefit of the Midway UMC Mission Fund. I’ve also got 7 different peppers and three varieties of Asian Eggplant. ”    Here’s my list.

Intown Ace Hardware on Scott Blvd. reports having Black Krim, Box Car Willie, Better Boy, Beefmaster, Cherokee Purple, Early Girl, Goliath, Marglobe, Patio, Pink Girl, Heirloom Brandywine, yellow Pear, Rutgers, Celebrity, Sweet 100, Arkansas Traveler, Mortgage Lifter, Husky Cherry Red, Mr. Stripey, Lemon Boy and Roma.

Hall’s Garden Center in Stone Mountain has fifteen heirloom tomato varieties

Holy Comforter Church Seedtime and Harvest Project sells organically grown heirloom tomatoes and peppers

Boss Brothers Country Store in Loganville as well as Whipporwill Hollow Farm in Walnut Grove will carry local grown Heirloom tomato plants.

Family Tree Nursery in Snellville will be getting heirloom tomatoes from Sunbelt Plants.

RedBud Lane Nursery in Holly Springs will be carrying heirloom tomatoes.

Leilani’s Gardens in Dawsonville typically has heirloom tomato plants. I bought several there last year.”

Lindsey B. says “I will be growing and selling, probably at Rancho Alegre Farm in Dacula. I got my tomato varieties from LocalHarvest.org. I will have black cherry, black krim, green zebra, jubilee, oxhart and plum lemon tomatoes.”

Oakhurst Garden in Decatur sells heirloom tomato plants each spring.

In addition, the Georgia Farmers and Consumers Market Bulletin contains ads for many different plants for sale

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