Horseradish – Perfect for North Georgia

Q: We are establishing a new garden in Rabun county. Can we grow horseradish in this part of Georgia?

A: This hardy member of the cabbage family is unforgettable to people who have tasted more than a small bit of wasabi with their sushi! The hot, biting, pungent taste makes it valuable as a condiment on prime rib or corned beef.

Horseradish requires a long, cool growing season, so your garden in North Georgia should be perfect. The easiest way to start is to buy a horseradish root at the grocery. Lay the long root at an angle, with the thick top higher but slightly belowground. Cover the entire root with soil. Big leaves will soon emerge. Be careful to control it, the plant is somewhat invasive. Harvest fresh horseradish all season by cutting pieces of root from the outside of the root clump as you need them.

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