Pear – Grafting

Q: I want to save a pear tree belonging to my grandparents on a small farm. I know for sure that it is at least 100 years old.

The tree has not received any attention in years, yet it hangs on and still produces small pears each season. I would dearly like to save some sort of legacy from this tree, and move it to a place that I can care for it as a reminder of my childhood summers with my grandparents.

Do you have advice?

A: Look on YouTube for demonstrations of how to do bud grafting. Early March is the perfect time to do this process. You can take buds from the old tree and graft them to a young tree in your landscape.

Also consider watching videos of cleft grafting, which is also easy to do.

A third option is to use Super Glue to graft limbs together as this guy did.



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