Quinault strawberry plants – Not for Georgia

Q: Early last summer I planted three Quinault strawberry plants. I got lush plants but minuscule berries. What do I need to do to get decent fruit?

A: The ‘Quinault’ strawberry doesn’t grow very well in Georgia. It is an older variety that was released in 1967 from Washington State University. It’s best suited for the Northwestern U.S. In Georgia, you’ll get better results from ‘Earliglow’, ‘Allstar’ and ‘Chandler’. Ansley Glenn at Southern Belle pick-your-own farm in McDonough reports they grow the ‘Chandler’ and ‘Camarosa’ varieties for their customers. If you pick the right cultivar and maintenance schedule, you can harvest strawberries from the same bed for several years. Learn how to do the yearly bed renewal at xrl.us/strawberries

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