Rosemary – Recommended varieties

Q: I have a lovely eighteen-inch wide decorative pot I wish to center in the middle of an herb bed. I would like to plant an evergreen in this pot. It gets full sun ALL day! What would you recommend? I have looked at the upright junipers but I really am not a juniper fan.


A: I have a single recommendation: rosemary! There are several varieties of rosemary available: ‘Athens Blue Spires’, ‘Tuscan Blue’, ‘Arp’, etc. You could use either an erect or trailing type. Better yet, why not buy a rosemary topiary and plant it in your pot? If you need something to trail over the edge of the pot, try thyme. It is usually winter-hardy and does well under the same conditions as rosemary. Both love fast-draining soil and prefer to be watered once each week.

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