Scuppernog – Propogation

Q: My grandfather passed away and he had a scuppernong, which he called a Scup Nuts Vine. Can you give me instructions on how to propagate it so I can save this sentimental plant?

A: Muscadine and scuppernong vines are reasonably easy to propagate. The best time to do it is in early summer but maybe you can be successful with this method: cut several “switches” 36 inches long. Put them in a cooler with a bit of ice in the bottom to preserve them until you get home. There, prepare a loose, loamy, sunny bed and make several 30 inch long and two inch deep trenches in it. Lay your cuttings individually into the trenches, putting 30 inches of the vine horizontally into the trench and leaving six inches exposed. Cover the cuttings with soil, leaving the tip six inches of buds and leaves in the sun. Water well. The underground canes will likely root this winter and the tips will have vigorous growth on them by May. They can be transplanted at that time.

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