Tomato – Eaten by Turtle

Q: I have a problem with some creature(s) taking bites from many of my tomatoes.

This morning I spotted a turtle about 6-8 inches long resting next to the tomatoes and 3 ripe fruits had been bitten off again. It ate the rest of damaged fruits, which I gave her.

I wonder, can turtles climb on the TALL tomato plants?

A: Box turtles can certainly eat tomatoes…but they can’t climb. Squirrels and birds are the likely culprits for the damage in the upper reaches of your tomatoes.

Netting will protect the vines from birds but the only thing that works for me for squirrel deterrence is to trap them in a cage trap and release them in a spot where you have permission to do so.

You’re on your own for box turtle control!

turtle eating tomato 1 turtle eating tomato 3

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