Tomato – Milk Jug

Q: How do I start tomato plants in a milk jug?

A: Use heavy scissors to make a cut two inches above the bottom of a milk jug, cutting around the jug on three sides (the fourth side will be the “hinge”). Fold back the top portion and poke numerous holes in the bottom portion to provide drainage. Fill the bottom portion with moistened potting soil. Poke ten shallow holes in the soil surface and plant a tomato seed in each one. Cover each hole with soil. Fold the top of the jug back over the bottom and secure it in place with tape. Remove the milk jug lid. Put the jug in a spot that gets morning sun and afternoon shade. Given moderate spring temperatures, the seeds should sprout in ten days. Fertilize with houseplant fertilizer. Leave them covered by the jug top until they are four inches tall. Fold back the top and move to a sunnier spot until they are six inches tall. They can then be transplanted into your garden.

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