Tomatoes – How to Make Relish and Pickles

Q: I have a lot of green tomatoes and want to make some relish, pickles, etc. that do not require a boiling water bath, something that we could just keep in the refrigerator until it’s eaten. Is there such a recipe?

A: Elizabeth Andress, food preservation specialist for the University of Georgia, says you can use any relish recipe, even if it calls for canning, and store it in the refrigerator instead of canning it. Recipes like Pickled Green Tomato Relish, Fresh Dill Cucumber Relish, and Rummage Relish are available at . Elizabeth recommends storing the relish in smaller containers to eat from, so you are not constantly opening and dipping into one large container. This will help keep good quality and prevent spoilage in the rest of the relish until you are ready for the next jar.

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