Vegetable Plants Not Affected By Bacterial Wilt

Q: Can you give a list of vegetable plants that are not affected by bacterial wilt. I had this disease diagnosed in my tomatoes last year.

A: There is only a very narrow selection! I have never heard of sweet corn getting bacterial wilt but all members of the bean and pea family, tomato and eggplant family, plus most squash, melons and cucumbers are susceptible to this disease. Once your garden soil is infested, the bacteria spores stick around for a long time. There are a couple of things you can do to have reasonably healthy vegetables. Be sure the garden is completely weed free in winter, since some weeds can harbor the bacteria in their roots. Add any amendment you can to the soil so it drains rapidly after a rain. Consider making raised hills, or raised rows, with furrows in between, so water goes downward quickly. Become familiar with bacterial wilt symptoms on each of your vegetables, so if you do spot it, you can get the plant out before it infects those nearby. Good luck!

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