Wasps and Hornets Eating Our Figs

Wasp Hornets

Q: This year we got tons of figs from our fig bush! But we only got to eat a small percentage because the tree was inundated with wasps and hornets. Is there anything to prevent them from eating all our figs? 

A: I share with my neighbor two big fig bushes on our property line. There are
lots of figs and lots of insects. Fortunately, I have learned over the years that
when I am picking figs the insects are not thinking about defending their food,
they are just thinking about feeding their families back in the nest. When I see
an insect feeding on a sweet fig that I want to pick I tap the limb with a short
stick I carry for this purpose. The insect flies off to another fig and does not
attack me. I move slowly and steadily as I pick and we all coexist amiably. I
never pick without shoes because I’m sure their good mood would change if I
stepped on one enjoying a delicious meal.
You may not be as comfortable as I am around the insects at fig picking time
but I encourage you to add a stick to your equipment and try my technique

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