Greenhouse – for Homeowners

Q: I am considering building my own hobby greenhouse and don’t know where to begin. I want to start out with simple flowers and vegetables but I would like to be able to expand the greenhouse in case I decide to start a small business with it. Do you know where I can get information regarding planning, building, etc.?

A: There are several publications you can study. The UGA Extension service has “Managing a Hobby Greenhouse” and “Heating, Cooling and Ventilation for Greenhouses”.

The University of Georgia also has Starting a Greenhouse Business on the Web. In addition, Texas A&M has a good reference on greenhouse management.

The most comprehensive reference I know of is Greenhouses for Homeowners and Gardeners.

Hobby Greenhouses for Tennessee is also very thorough.

Sources for greenhouse building materials include Atlas Manufacturing, Griffin Greenhouse and Charley’s Greenhouse and Garden.

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