Privet – Control

Q: I am clearing three acres that was full of mature blackberries and privet. Some of the privet was in tree form. The privet is continuing to pop up because of the root system. Am I going to have to dig up all of those roots or is there something I can spray?

A: An infestation of privet such as this will require chemical control. Cut the mature plants as low as possible and within 5 minutes paint the fresh cuts with undiluted glyphosate (click for sources).

Any sprouts that re-appear can be sprayed with glyphosate using the proper concentrations. This will be a never ending task, as once you manage to eliminate the established plants you will forever be dealing with new seedlings either from seed already deposited in your soil or by new seeds deposited by birds from nearby privet colonies.

Privet has now rocketed past kudzu as Georgia’s worst invasive weed.

privet flowers

privet seed 2

privet 1

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