Poinsettia – Choosing the Best One

Examine the tiny yellow-green flowers at the ends of the poinsettia branches. If more than one or two are open, the poinsettia will not hold its freshness for long. Poinsettias are typically sent to stores in several shipments. Ask to look at the latest arrivals before you inadvertently pick up one that has been there for weeks.

2. Poinsettia leaves should be green and healthy almost down to the soil level. If the plant has dried out in storage, the bottom leaves are the first to wilt and disappear.

3. If the poinsettia plant came in a foil wrapper, check for water at the bottom before you add more moisture to the plant. Poinsettias are accustomed to soil that’s on the dry side. If their roots sit in water day after day, the roots will rot.

4. Check for drafts in the place you choose to display your poinsettia. Hot air from a furnace or cold air from a drafty window can make leaves dry faster than normal.

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