Growing mushrooms at home

Q: I tried growing some button mushrooms on a weathered pile of wood chips. I just buried a mushroom every five feet around the pile. I got thin little fragile mushrooms that didn’t look like the ones I buried.

A: It is relatively easy to grow mushrooms at home but not the way you tried. Mushrooms arise from mycelia (white, root-like strands) that colonize organic material like wood chips or straw or even used coffee grounds. It is an interesting process and a great wintertime experiment. You can grow oyster mushrooms in a big plastic tub in which you layer sterile media and small bits of stem from grocery store mushrooms. I don’t have space to describe the whole process but check out the links below.

Propagating oyster mushroom ends

Growing mushrooms from the grocery

Oysters from store-bought

YouTube video on growing mushrooms in a plastic tub

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