Costa Rica Trip – 2012

Imagine walking on a warm, sandy beach in January! Imagine seeing toucans, quetzals, monkeys, iguanas, and sloths in their natural habitat!

Our garden trips to New Zealand and South Africa have been so enjoyable that I’m planning a third! This time it’s to Costa Rica, which means we won’t be dealing with long flights and a huge time difference.

And did I mention that on both previous garden trips Atlanta had big snow/ice storms? We were wearing shorts while you were shivering!

Despite its diminutive size, Costa Rica boasts greater biodiversity than all of Europe or North America! Over 850 species of birds have been identified there, far more than have been seen in Europe or Australia. More butterflies thrive there than on the entire continent of Africa.

Join me in January 2012 and enjoy visits to outstanding botanical gardens, explore lush jungles, stroll along the shores of starlit beaches and view an abundance of exotic wildlife from a bridge that gently suspends you in the mist of the Cloud Forest canopy. Discover a jungle paradise unlike any other. Sultry breezes, tropical gardens and colorful birds await you!

Note: these trips fill up FAST. It’s better to send in a reservation now and get a refund later than it is to be closed out because you couldn’t make up your mind. As my mother said when I dawdled: “Shoot, Luke, or give up the gun!”

Click here for the complete itinerary.

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