Armadillo management tips

Q: I need some help with an armadillo(s) in my yard. They’ve even set up a homestead (dug a tunnel) under my driveway. I’ve been looking for the right remedy for getting it/them out of their home and run outta here. Outside of me sitting outside at night like a sniper with my high powered rifle, do you have any suggestions?

A: Armadillo control is tough. At best, you’re just managing their numbers on your property. If you remove one, others move in quickly.

There are no repellents that work. They seem to be attracted to armadillo urine but no one sells that.

You can trap them pretty easily but you should euthanize them afterwards. If you relocate one, you’re just adding to the problem somewhere else. It will probably die anyway because it does not know the new territory.

If you are proficient with a sniper rifle, and obey the law, you might be able to make money offering your services to neighbors.

Armadillo control

Armadillo Notes

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