Armadillo – Pet

Q: This is my pet armadillo. We named her Arma and she hung around for about 3 years. Very sweet and would talk when I talked to her.
She had no fear of my Great Dane or my Miniature Horse.

They are very pig like.They don’t see well at all, but their nose is incredible. I would stoop down by her and say “Hi Arma”. She would lift her head, squint her eyes and then her nose would go crazy. Once she realized it was me she would make a high-pitched grunting noise like a pig.

Some days she would be very talkative, other days she was very polite and acknowledged me…. but grubs were much more urgent. She had lost part of her tail and we thought it was by a car and not an animal since she was so calm around all of ours.

She did most of her deep rooting out in the woods, around the house she would just get the surface grubs and not do any damage at all. Not sure they are all so well behaved, but she sure was and I do miss her. Last year she didn’t return in the Spring like she had before.

A: If I hadn’t seen your pictures I never would have believed it!

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