Bats – Droppings

Q: I am curious about some animal droppings that are on my driveway and front porch. They are dry and full of nothing but bug wings it seems. Could it be an armadillo or a skunk?

A: I’m thinking of changing careers to become a “CSI” (Cold Scat Investigator). By studying the leavings (scat) of various critters, I could determine who had been where and perhaps have a television show named after me. In your situation, if I saw only bug wings in the droppings, I’d have to conclude that the creature eats lots of bugs. Neither armadillos nor skunks eat flying insects. Bats, though, eat bugs voraciously. And they also leave their droppings on porches and under outdoor lights. My conclusion? Bats have surreptitiously visited your premises. And it didn’t take a five zillion power microscope or a degree in trajectory physics to deduce my answer, unlike my colleagues in Miami and New York!

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