Bottle Tree (Bottle Bush) – In Garden

Q: At the end of your radio show, you said ” You will never see a bottle tree in Buckhead!”.

Attached you will find pictures of my bottle tree. I live in Loring Heights which is just north of Atlantic Station.

My tree was just “planted” this year and it is still growing. You have to be careful because “tending” this tree requires emptying bottles and I am using liquor and wine bottles only. The growth of the tree will be slow, but I think very worthwhile.

I have had fun telling people about my tree and how it will keep the “haints” from my house.


A: I firmly believe bottle trees (and bottle shrubs) should be used more often in Southern gardens.

With what other plant can you change the color of its “flowers” in just a few minutes? And what else will keep haints out of a garden so effectively?

I recently did a TV piece on my bottle tree and bottle shrub. I used long gutter spikes set into a fence post to make mine.

For the first time in years, I have had no haints ruining my tomatoes and squash!

Bottle tree in Buckhead

same tree with pH adjusted to be blue to match hydrangea

Bottle tree flowers

Walter’s bottle tree

Walter’s bottle shrub

bottle tree in Lawrenceville

bottle ladder

bottle saplings

raised bed bottle tree

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