Bedbug – Control

Q: My son found these bugs in his bedroom. Can you identify for me?

A: I’m sad to say he has bedbugs. If you see one, there are many more hiding.

Though there are products sold that are labeled for bedbug control, homeowner control is very difficult. EVERY ONE OF THEM must be killed. If you miss a hiding spot, the insects will return.

You’ll need to dismantle his bed to find the insects. The mattress and box springs should be thoroughly cleaned. Any crack near his bed is a potential bedbug home.

Foggers will not control bed bugs, since the bugs hide in cracks and crevices or under/inside furniture and luggage.

You’re welcome to try control on your own and then wait a week to see if it was effective. The best place to look for evidence is along the cording that runs along mattress edges. If it is stained brown after cleaning, the bugs are still there.

I recommend you hire a professional to do the job correctly, which will involve repeat inspections.

See Urban Bedbug Control



bed bug   Gary Alpert, Harvard University,

bed bug
Gary Alpert, Harvard University,

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