Clothes Moth – Control

Q: Can you tell what kind of insect this is, they are all over my washroom.

A: It’s a clothes moth. The female moth lays eggs on fabric and carpet. When the larvae emerge, they begin munching on it. You need to empty the whole room and examine every piece of fabric or carpet thoroughly. When you’re sure no moths are there, put fabric things into clear plastic bags and seal the bag. Vacuum the room thoroughly, then bring the bagged clothing back into the room. Check the bags every week for a month. If you missed a moth or a silk tube, they will be trapped in the bag.

Spraying insecticide in the room will not control them. Moth balls will not control them and the chemicals in moth balls and moth flakes are poisonous.

Control boils down to finding all of the adults and pupal cases and destroying them.

Clothes Moth

moth clothes

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