Deer and Rabbit Control – Using Plantskydd

“I heard you mention the product Plantskydd repellant on your Saturday broadcast a week or two ago. Here is a rosarian’s experience:

“In a short phrase, IT SEEMS TO WORK!

“I ordered mine on line at . I purchased the dry concentrate, 1 lb. with shipping it costs $46.48. It is also available from the same source in 1 qt. liquid.
but is more expensive in liquid form.

“The stuff is messy, so one has to be careful. I mixed it according to directions, and had no problem with it clogging my 1 gallon pump sprayer, as I had anticipated because it is so darn ‘clumpy’ to mix.

“It applies as a thick, chocolate brown goo that covers the leaves with brown spots. I sprayed it liberally on the foliage of our large beds of pansies some time ago, as well as liberally on the mulch around the plants.

“So far, the rabbits have not been back. We are plagued with them, and they had seriously attacked one bed shortly after planting in late October. They have not returned, so I assume that it is due to the product.

“As you probably know, Plantskydd is a blood meal derivative. I have had success with blood meal in seasons past, but it washes away with rain (or somehow loses its efficacy) requiring almost weekly broadcasting. Plantskydd eliminates this nuisance.”

Barbara in Peachtree City cautions:

“I used Plantskyyd for a couple of years–it worked great, but I heard you say you didn’t think it had a bad odor.

“I am here to tell you that it STUNK badly. My husband was looking for a dead animal the first time I used it. I also found the brown spotted plants unsightly.

“I switched to Liquid Fence this year. It also smells, but not as long for the human sense of smell, seems to work as well, doesn’t discolor the leaves, and will also last through several light rains.”

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