Deer Control – Using a Scarecrow Device

From a local rose grower.

“We have a large lot (1 1/2 acres, more than 200 roses). We have seen as many as nine deer at one time in our pasture, fairly close to the garden, in late afternoon.

“Last spring they began feasting on roses, oriental lilies, etc. I installed four Scarecrow ( or similar) (click for sources) motion activated water sprinklers on the perimeter of the garden and it stopped them cold. They have not returned to the garden since installation in early summer.

“Since I had to take them up to prevent water freezing this winter, I am hoping that PlantSkydd repellent will prevent them from eating my pansies.

“Heck, in December I’m tempted to say the deer can eat all the roses they want….. it will save pruning labor in March!”


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