Eggs – Incubating

One of the most memorable experiences I had as a young person was attending the Poultry Embryology class at Rock Eagle 4-H Camp.

We opened eggs to study embryos, learned about incubators and even dyed just-about-to-hatch chicks blue and red.

School children get little more information on bird biology beyond eating deviled eggs.

Whether you are a teacher or an adventuresome parent, you can easily hatch baby chicks and create memories for a lifetime.

I’ve written a short guide to the whole process, including preparations, tips, and egg sources.

Incubating Eggs in the Classroom

How Eggs Are Made

Here are some more Incubation Tips.

Build an Egg Candler

Buy eggs online from Murray McMurray Hatchery

You can buy an incubator or you can build your own.

These plans use a styrofoam ice chest and a light bulb to manage the job.

Locally, Standard Feed and Seed
(404) 241-6922
sells incubators.

Online, GQF Manufacturing in Savannah or Fleming Outdoors sell incubators and parts.

Backyard Chickens website

Poultry Help website

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