Japanese Beetles – Organic Repellent?

Q: I contacted you regarding the use of various flowers, herbs, and horticultural oil as a mixture to get rid of Japanese Beetles.

You wanted me to let you know how it worked.

I steeped (like tea) Convolvulus leaves (and flowers), citrus Thyme in water. Approx one quart. Let it cool and mixed that with more water to make a gallon of liquid.

I added neem oil. 1 TBSP, as directed, per gallon of water.

The repellent worked…somewhat. I used a pump/pressurized type sprayer. As soon as it hit them and they got a “taste” they were agitated by it. But it wouldn’t “stick” to the places it needed to. U-SPRAY, located on Hwy 78 in Snellville/Lilburn Area, had a product that would have helped it “stick”. (found that out too late)

In any event…they came back…hungrier than ever.

I threw my hands up and got some Liquid Sevin. Recommended by several “old school gardeners” in the area. That stuff dropped them like flies. They are lying deceased under my flowers, trees, etc. It didn’t take much.

After that application they are present but the numbers are greatly reduced. They seemed to VERY attracted to a hanging basket I have full of trailing white Petunias, more so this plant than anything else I have in my garden. I have pink petunias, too. …but they were not mauled as the white Petunia were. Go figure.

I am now a dedicated fan of Liquid Sevin. My garden and I are very thankful to this product.

A: Nothing beats first-hand experience and observation!

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