Rat and Mouse – Poisons

Q: Is there a rat poison that keeps the dead rodent from smelling? I was told that one formula contains formaldehyde, which preserves the body.

A: It is a false conception that rat poisons dry out the animal. Several of the common brands contain a poison which causes the rat to bleed internally. The bleeding causes them to be thirsty – hopefully, they will seek water outside the home and die there. Basically, any dead animal, depending on its size, will smell to some extent.

Frankly, I prefer traps because of the problem with deceased critters in unreachable places. With a trap you’ll know exactly where the animal is located and you can remove the body.

To my knowledge, there is no product that contains formaldehyde. Eventually your poisoned pest will dry up and the smell will disappear. Use an air freshener in the mean time.

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