Snake – Skins

Q: My neighbor found three big snake skins in his attic. We called a pest control company but they said they don’t handle snake calls. Can you tell me the name of a company that will help us eliminate snakes?

A: If you just recently found the snake skins, the creatures that left them there are long gone. Snakes shed their skins in summer, as they outgrow their former “clothing”. It is not likely that they would remain in the attic for the winter. I can understand the reluctance of the pest control company to help you. Snakes are difficult to trap and almost impossible to eliminate. The company might simply have been scrupulously honorable with you, recognizing that they could not guarantee that your snake problems were over.

Some companies will do a “snake assessment” and advise you on how to minimize snake habitat around your home. Their probable recommendations are easy chores you can do yourself now. Remove rock piles, stacked lumber, piles of leaves and firewood from near your home. These are places where snakes hang out because they can find food and shelter. If you live near a creek or an overgrown shrub area, mow your lawn regularly so snakes won’t have cover as they wander about. Examine carefully the label of products that claim to repel snakes. You may find that the snakes you want to eliminate are not affected by the ingredients. Finally, rest assured that the majority of the snakes we chance upon these days are of the non-poisonous variety.

This publication from Missouri has lots of information about snakes and their control.
The Georgia Wildlife Federation sells an excellent snake identification booklet “Snakes of Georgia and South Carolina” for a small fee. You can call them at 770-787-7887.

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