Spider – Control

Q: Q: We have tiny spiders that spin webs on the inside of the window and between the window and the screen. We have tried spraying insecticide on the sills but that does not seem to work. I think you once mentioned a liquid that could be painted on the surfaces to kill spiders. Could you please tell me what to buy?

A: First, you have to think like a spider. The eight-legged creatures you want to destroy are near your windows because flying insects gather there. Most households have a few spiders but they do not build their webs where food is scarce. Start your spider control measures by weather-proofing your windows and doors so insects can’t easily come in. Next, regularly vacuum the windows, the room corners and behind any rarely-moved furniture to remove spider webs and their makers.

As you’ve discovered, space sprays are not very effective. You may kill one spider but another will soon take its place. The insecticides I mentioned on radio are those that are sold in “micro-encapsulated” form. Most hardware stores do not carry them. Call Do-It-Yourself Pest Control (770-458-5090) and ask about micro-encapsulated insecticides and the “Webster” spider web removal brush.

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