Squirrel – Chewing on Deck

Q: We installed a new cedar deck about a year ago and sealed it with an oil-based sealant two weeks ago. This week I noticed what looks like scratches and droppings in an area near the patio door. The deck has no stairs so it can’t be a dog or cat – and the droppings are small. This morning I saw that whatever it is has now started eating the deck boards in that area. I suspect it’s squirrels.

A: I think you’re right – squirrels are the probable culprits

They are the dumbest animals about trying new things! I have had my gasoline can chewed, my shop vac chewed, a garden hose chewed and a plastic pot chewed.

My advice is to get a live trap, bait it with sunflower seeds, and give your squirrels a vacation to a public spot at least 2 miles away.

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