Squirrel Damage – To Bluebird House

Q: What happened to my bluebird house? Was it squirrels or raccoons?

A: I think either a gray squirrel or a flying squirrel did the damage.

I lean toward flying squirrel because I took down a damaged bluebird box one time and a flying squirrel bounced out of it and scurried up the tree.

Scared me nearly to death!!

This is in reference to the bluebird house flying squirrel problem I had when I emailed you several weeks ago.  Attached are pictures with a fix that I think will work.  I bought a “metal wall outlet cover” from Home Depot that is 1/16″ smaller than the recommended 1.5″ opening for the bluebirds’ house.  I used the metal outlet cover to shield the wooden opening on the birdhouse.  The pesky, wood gnawing squirrels will have to eat metal to get in now.

bluebird house damage

Bluebird metal entrance

bluebird damage 1

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