Squirrel – Digging in Pot

Q: I missed your talk about dealing with squirrels on the radio a week ago. I have a wooded backyard and want to plant some hellebores (Lenten rose) that I have in pots. Every time I put out something the squirrels dig it up. Do you have any suggestions?

A: My information was mentioned more as humor than as a recommendation. I cited a garden writer in Maine who said that “fermented salmon” was a great squirrel repellent for her. I decline to replicate her experience but you can try it if you like! The stuff is available from Coast Of Maine.
I do have a recommendation more likely to be effective. Plant your hellebores wherever you like then place chicken wire flat on the ground around them. Cover the wire with straw. This works very nicely to protect fall-planted bulbs and pansies and should keep the furry critters at bay in your garden.

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