Termite Treatments – Comparing Costs

A RETREATMENT contract is the most frequently issued type of contract. It requires the pest control company to retreat any area where termites are found following the original treatment. It does NOT require any repairs to be performed if the reinfestation has resulted in structural damage. A retreatment contract requires only that the area where termites are found be retreated. The entire structure is not retreated.

A RETREAT & REPAIR contract further guarantees that any damage to your home that occurs after the original treatment will be repaired by the pest control company. Some of the repair contracts require that an active infestation must be found to qualify the area for repair. The amount of coverage in dollars should be clearly specified in the contract.

Since October 1996, all contracts must contain a statement at the top of the contract, in specific language, that specifies the type of coverage. This statement must be separated from the rest of the contract by a heavy black line.

RETREAT & REPAIR contracts are most often recommended by insect experts.

To compare costs between different types of termite treatment techniques (baits vs perimeter injection), ask the company for a ten year analysis of your costs.

The analysis should contain the cost of periodic inspections and the cost of periodic retreatment (some poisons only last five years).

Once you’ve specified a RETREAT & REPAIR contract and have studied the cost analysis you can make an educated choice.

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