Songs about cows from Frances Reeves

Q: My wife and I saw you at the Home & Garden Show and loved the song you sang while waiting for the Noon start time. It concerned a cow. Please post the lyrics on your website.

A: Ha!

I can’t find a source for this bit of doggerel but my mother often sang it to us when I was a kid:

Always remember and bear in mind
The old cow’s tail hang’s down behind
But although it’s ugly and full of cockleburrs
The old cow loves it because it’s hers!

I suppose the moral is to love what you have and don’t complain too much!

And here’s another of her cow songs, based on the song “On the Trail of the Lonesome Pine”

In the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia
Stood a cow on the railroad tracks.
She was a good old cow, with eyes so kind,
But you can’t expect a cow to read a railroad sign.
So she stood. in the middle of the track,
And a train, hit her right in the back.
Now her bones are in the mountains of Virginia
And her tail’s on a lonesome spine.

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