Yellowstriped Armyworm – Identification

Q: I’ve had great success with my tomatoes this year.  Lately we’ve had tomatoes with holes in them and one that I cut open had a green worm on the inside! I believe it to be an Army Worm. Is that the correct ID?

A: I’m going to go with yellowstriped armyworm based on these comments by Bart Drees at Texas A & M:

Yellowstriped armyworms have “…a prominent dark spot on the sides of the fourth body segment behind the head (the first legless abdominal segment).”

Beet armyworms have “… small distinct dark spots on the sides of the second body segment behind the head

His notes on distinguishing armyworms from each other are very good:

Master Naturalist Dub Strickland concurs with his own photo of this creature.

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