Abandoned Well – Filling

Q: I found what seems to be an abandoned well on my newly-purchased property. It has a 36″ concrete rim 6″ above the surrounding soil and I can see water at the bottom. What should I do now?

A: You can’t just fill it full of rocks or cover it and call it a day. Your well could be a source of contamination for your property and your neighbors. Rainwater could get into it and contaminate ground water. A child or animal could fall into it. By law, it must be filled by a licensed well driller, who can put inplace materials that completely seal the well bottom and casing.

I’ll quote from the factsheet I give below:

Proper water well abandonment:

1) Restores protective barrier to minimize groundwater contamination

2) Removes physical hazards by removing tempting openings for curious children and animals

3) Restores stability to the land surface

4) Eliminates or reduces liability

5) Protects and improves property values


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List of licensed well drillers

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