Acorns – Control with pre-emergent?

Q: I have a problem with acorns dropping in beds (pachysandra and juniper). Would Preen inhibit their sprouting in spring? We spend soooo much time on our hands and knees pulling oak “babies”.


A: Mark Czarnota, my UGA weed expert says:

“I’m not aware of any pre-emergent that controls oak seedlings but one product that comes to mind is dichlobenil (Casoron). I think that this product would do a good job, but have no research evidence to support.

“I have been working with PBI Gordon to develop this old product for the control of Florida betony, and market it in a 5 lb container for the Southeast (marketed by Lilly Miller). They are pursuing this, and hope to see a product on the shelves of many mom and pop stores soon.”

Lilly Miller Casoron
  (Broken Link)

Walter’s suggestion: You could experiment with Preen or Amaze pre-emergents…let me know how they do.

A gardener sends feedback:

“Per your request to let you know if pre-emergents prevented oak tree sprouts in the beds…..they did not, as you predicted.”

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